“What is home?” – Indie Motion – 24.3.23

“What is home?” – Indie Motion – 24.3.23
10. Februar 2023 Karo

“What is Home?” is an Indie event organized by one of our very own artists training at Aerial Center: Anna Shtengel. Boulderclub is happy to support the next event:

“What is Home?”

Mixed Art Event
17:30 @ Volkshaus, Lagergasse 98a
The stage will be shared by several musicians, aerial artists, animation short films, an exhibition of several artists and a DJ.

Who is Anna Shtengel?

Anna Shtengel – an Israeli pole artist, outdoor addict and Indie Motion line Creator

What is Indie Motion?

Indie Motion is a Grazy performing arts events line, each event having a theme.
They provide a stage and a thematic inspiration for indie artists intimate self-expression, where they share in a unique collaboration multiple art disciplines: music, movement, story telling, animation and exhibition.