Natural Human Movement Training – English

Natural Human Movement Training

Retraining some of the most fundamental human movement patterns to improve posture, efficiency of movement and to naturally raise ones overall fitness level.

As humans we are „built to move“ and our health and wellbeing are largely dependend on our movement quality and quantity. However, not everyone has to become a gymnast or pro athlete to be healthy and feel great. Natural Human Movement Training (NHM) is designed to reactivate our most fundamental movement patterns of stabilization and coordination thus making movement more efficient and effortless. We focus on movement quality Instead of high intensity strength or cardio training. This makes „NHM“ accessable to anyone no matter the fitness-level, age or movement experience.

In the course we always start with a propper warm up routine that is also designed to activate our mind body connection. After that we progress into simple movement patterns that will both strengthen and tone our muscles naturally and in a very gentle way. This also trains the sensory motor feedback, allowing us to deeply reconnect with ourselves and our natural movement potential.

In short this course is about Improving your mobility, flexibility, muscle tone, agility balance and wellbeing with simple natural movement practices.

Participation: This course is open to people of all levels of movement experience fitness. No previous knowledge is required.

What you should bring to the course:
– Clothes that allow free unrestricted movement and that you feel
comfortable in.
– Curiosity

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What do i need to bring?

You will need comfortable sports clothes.

How much is the course?

Costs: € 250/ person (Early Bird Opening Offer valid until 16th of September € 210/ person)

Duration: 11 classes per 1,5 hours each

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